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Formerly known as Trendwest, Worldmark by Wyndham offers you incredible timeshare flexibility while providing excellent value in services and amenities. A Worldmark timeshare credit owner will have the freedom to choose from over 60 Worldmark resort destinations. Worldmark credits can be used at any Worldmark resort location which includes a plethora of locations in the United States, South Pacific and Venice. This program is known by its members as Worldmark the Club, which provide Worldmark credits to be used with variety and flexibility in
their vacation experience. Worldmark credits can be exchanged for flexible lengths of time spent at a wide variety of different Worldmark timeshares.There are fewer restrictions based on unit size and duration of vacation,allowing for much more flexible vacation experience. Worldmark timeshare credits is also affiliated with the largest exchange network in the world,  RCI timeshare exchange, Worldmark credit owners can exchange Worldmark credits with RCI foran equivalent timeshare interval at of the current and ever expanding network of over 3000 timeshare resorts!

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