Frequently Asked Questions:

What is timeshare and vacation ownership, and why should I own it?

Timesharing and vacation ownership is a system of sharing ownership of a vacation home, condominium, or resort. Some timeshare ownerships are limited to using the same unit at the same resort each year. WorldMark ownership provides the owner with “Credits” that can be used to vacation in any of the available units at any of the available resorts, any times of the year.

Timeshares provide an affordable option for those looking to vacation in the world’s top destinations. Timeshare units are generally far superior to typical hotel rooms, and provide for apartment-style living with all the comforts of home. This allows families and larger groups of travelers to have extra space and privacy, prevent having to split into multiple rooms, and guests can even save money by preparing food in their unit! Additionally, timeshare owners avoid the expense, inconvenience, and hassle of maintenance, repairs, and management associated with owning a second home.

Why WorldMark versus another timeshare ownership program?

WorldMark is a pure credit-based timeshare product that allows you to vacation where, when and how long you want, within the WorldMark system of resorts. In contrast, a traditional fixed-week timeshare program requires you to purchase a specific unit in a specific resort for a specific period each year. With WorldMark, you have maximum flexibility. A WorldMark ownership is like having a vacation home at the lake, the mountains, and the beach at a fraction of the cost of a second home with none of the headaches. Comparable in price to traditional timeshares that offer only one location, for one week at a time, a WorldMark ownership gives you more than 60 locations to choose from.

How easy is WorldMark to sell on the resale market?

Although WorldMark by Wyndham is a flexible and exciting timeshare program, sometimes one’s situation changes, and you may decide to sell. One of the benefits of selling a WorldMark timeshare is that it is one of the most popular timeshare companies on the resale market! Many interested buyers are already WorldMark owners, looking to expand their points portfolio.

When you sell your timeshare on the resale market, there are two major considerations that will determine your success. First, you need exposure to the highest concentrations of interested buyers—meaning you have to list it for sale on a highly visible and well respected website. Second, you have to sell your WorldMark points at a fair asking price! A reliable timeshare resale company should be able to help you determine the Fair Market Value of your WorldMark points package, making it appealing to buyers, and therefore allowing you to sell quickly!

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